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Medical consultation with e-prescription, that you need, sent straight to your email address?
Continuation of a therapy without leaving home? Now it is possible!


Medication for erectile disfunction, regular medication, permanent contaception, extension of treatment in chronic diseases.

Processing time up to 12 working hours*

e-Prescription Express

Medication for erectile disfunction, regular medication, permanent contaception, extension of treatment in chronic diseases.

Processing time up to 1 working hour*

Emergency contraception

Pill 'after', pill day after, 72h pill, pill after.

Processing time up to 1 working hour*


Referral to CT and X-ray

Processing time up to 1 working hours*

Phone consultation

Discuss your medical issue with a doctor and get treatment, E-prescription, E-sickleave.

Processing time up to 2 working hours*

Konsultacja ginekologiczna

Omów swój problem medyczny z ginekologiem online

Processing time up to 2 working hours*

*applies to orders placed: Monday-Friday 08:00 -22:00, Saturday-Sunday 08:00 -22:00.


Make an appointment for a phone consultation with a doctor

Discuss your medical issue with a doctor and get treatment, E-prescription, E-sickleave.

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Psycholog Sylwia Kwaśny
Psycholog Sylwia Kwaśny Psycholog, Psychodietetyk
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Lek. Julia Kawecka Lekarz
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Lek. Karol Kłak
Lek. Karol Kłak Ginekolog
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16:20 16:30 16:40
15:30 15:40 15:50
dr n. med. Wacław Ginda
dr n. med. Wacław Ginda Ginekolog
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18:00 18:10 18:20
Lek. Darya Pająk
Lek. Darya Pająk Lekarz
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Lek. Aleksandra Rybak
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Lek. Kajetan Głogowski
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Lek. Julia Piasta-Szymczak
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16:30 17:30 18:30
Lek. Julia Suszyńska
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Lek. Mariia Urazmanova
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Lek. Magdalena Kudyk
Lek. Magdalena Kudyk Lekarz
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Lek. Jakub Jędrzejczak
Lek. Jakub Jędrzejczak Lekarz
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Get a prescription online in 3 easy steps


Fill in the form

Provide the name of medicine, dosing schedule, number of packages, and describe the reason of taking the medicine. This data is necessary for the doctor to issue a prescription customized for you.


Pay for the service

As we are a private entity, the price for a consultation via form starts from 49.99 PLN. However, the price is still lower than most traditional medical appointments. The security of transactions is guaranteed by payments via PayU platform.



Now you only have to wait for an email with a code for your prescription. It usually comes within an hour*, in exceptional cases however, the processing time may be extended to 12 hours.

What e-prescription is and how to obtain it?

E-prescription is an electronic equivalent of a traditional prescription.
This form has almost completely replaced the paper versions of the documents, that patients had received so far. Obtaining, and also using that kind of prescription in order to receive your medicine is extremely easy and comfortable.

logo e-recepta recepta online

The patient no longer has to visit the doctors office in person. A medical advice with e-prescription can be processed completely online.

logo e-recepta recepta online

To utilize your e-prescription in the pharmacy, you only have to provide your PESEL number and a special code received in a text message, or ask a pharmacist to scan a code received in an email.

logo e-recepta recepta online

All electronic prescriptions are also available on the Internet Patient Account.

Perfect solution (not only)
for the pandemic time!

Running errands via Internet has become escpecially common during coronavirus epidemic. One of the areas that has developed during that time is also telemedicine. Prescriptions, sick leaves, or doctor referrals online replaced paper versions of those documents, which contricuted to the reduction of patients exposure to viruses during visits in medical clinics.

Erecept.pl goes one step further, allowing to get an extension of a prescription, to obtain a prescription for a necessary medications, or contraception as fast and safe as never before. It is possible thanks to medical consultations via online form. Certainly, even after the pandemic is over, many people will prefer this option over traditional visits, which are often more inconvenient than an online advice.

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Why is it worth it to use our service? Advantages of e-prescription.

Current regulations require doctors to write prescriptions electronically. A traditional prescription can be made only in a few exceptional cases. This is a great benefit for patients because:

You are staying at home

Without the need of visitng the medical clinic in person.


You do not have to worry about losing or accidentally destroying the document.

You are not losing time

You are saving your time and limiting contact with viruses in medical clinics.


You can obtain your prescription in various pharmacies.

We will be happy to answer all of your questions

If you do not receive a prescription within 24 hours, please contact us at the following email address: kontakt@erecept.pl. In the body of the message, please include your PESEL number, first name, last name and describe the entire incident. Please also check the spam folder in your email inbox
We do not process e-prescriptions for psychotropic substances, narcotics and substances with addictive potential. If you are using these medications, it is necessary to consult with your treating doctor. If your medication is not one of the medications listed above ask us about it by clicking on the button below and filling out the form. Be sure to include your return email so we can respond to you
Your doctor may issue a prescription for up to 3 months of therapy. For the sake of your health after this time, we recommend that you fill the form again to assess whether you can still safely take the medication.
After your doctor issues an e-prescription, you will receive it in the form of an SMS or email. It will be a four-digit code, which, along with your PESEL number, should be given to the pharmacy. In case the doctor, after analyzing the details from the form, cannot issue a prescription, you will receive a refund.
The cost of a medical consultation carried out using the form along with the issuance of an e-prescription is 49.99zl**. Payments on the site are made via payU.

** - Price may change
The processing time for an E-prescription is up to 12 hours after the payment is booked, while E-prescription Express takes up to an hour. The speed of the prescription depends on the number of requests and the availability of doctors.
If the turnaround time is longer than promised, please send an email with your order number and PESEL number to kontakt@erecept.pl so that we can correct our mistake as soon as possible
The lifespan of an e-prescription is 30 days from the date of issue. The expiration time of an e-prescription for antibiotics is 7 days.
In order for the doctor to issue a refunded prescription, the patient must check the additional option " Refundable prescription" and it is essential to include documentation proving the right to refund the drug.. The documentation must include the diagnosis of the disease along with the disease code (ICD-10). This documentation can be:
- a medical certificate with the date and the doctors stamp,
- a printout of the doctors visit from the registration of his clinic
- hospital discharge.
Previously issued prescription with a refund does not confirm the right to a discount and on its basis we do not issue further prescriptions for the drug with a refund.
We do not process e-prescriptions for psychotropic substances, narcotics and substances with addictive potential. For the use of these drugs, it is necessary to consult with the attending doctor.
If there is an error on a prescription, please contact us at the following email address: kontakt@erecept.pl. In the content of the message, please include your name, surname and a description of the error that occurred on the prescription
It is not necessary. An SMS or e-mail with a code is all that is needed to process an e-prescription. However, it is worth considering setting up an IKP because of the other benefits that come with it - the ability to check your treatment history, view original e-prescriptions, e-referrals or electronic sick leave.
What is important, you do not lose your prescription then! You can still find it at any time in the Prescriptions section of your Internet Patient Account. If you do not have an IKP, please contact us by email at kontakt@erecept.pl.
If you do not have health problems that would require a consultation, it is not necessary to have one. In that case, it is enough to fill out a form and provide the most important information about your health condition, treatment history and medications you are taking. Of course, you will also need to provide your personal information so that the doctor providing the online consultation can issue a prescription for a specific patient. For this reason, it is also not possible to apply on behalf of others.
Yes, as long as the pharmacy will have in stock the prescribed drugs. On the other hand, there is no possibility that the pharmacy will refuse to handle the electronic version of the document. What is more, drugs from a single prescription can be purchased at several different pharmacies without having to obtain a copy. This is a major convenience for patients taking drugs that are difficult to access

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Erecept.pl allows to obtain an electronic prescription or prolongation of a prescription without the need to leave home. We provide servives in a very comfortable way for the patient using an online form with e-prescription. Filling out a simple and clear form will take you only few minutes, then you will be redirected to the secure PayU payment. You will receive your own, unique code via email, that is necessary to finalize your prescription in the pharmacy.

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